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We specialize in design and installation of unique, functional and attractive landscapes and fixtures in your landscape. If your goals are to plant a food forest, develop a garden site or host a workshop at your event you have come to the right place! the webpage for Raven Ridge Farmscapes.
Whether you have a sunny back yard, a small farm or a patch of woods to live and interact with, we can help you:
   1.) assess your site,
   2.) help clarify for your goals,
   3.) develop an installation plan that brings practical and palpable results.
We have more than 10 years experience gardening and landscaping, working with all types of plants and animals on the land.

Contact by phone or email for consultation and design services, starting from $80. A rich and rewarding way to gain knowledge of your land from a land-manager with diverse experience in Western North Carolina, its plants, trees and soils. Check out our references

Design, management plans & site assessment for your

               Farm & Forest

We have a number of annual workshops & seminars at the farm and love to travel for hands-on teaching at your event or festival.

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