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Raven Ridge

Agro-Forestry Farm, Marshall NC

is a one-acre forest garden on our home hill. We recently added 4 new acres where we are experimenting with dense plantings on a broad spacing for alley cropping with OP corn and other crops, inspired by the MIAF of Mexico. We have been working in conjunction with four adjacent landowners for ten years doing experimental plantings on their land. This includes planting nitrogen-fixing fodder crops on a 20-acre site as feed for a 6-cow dairy. Those plantings in the cow pasture are interspersed with close spacings of chestnut, hazelnut, mulberry, persimmon, apple and pear for use by humans and dairy cattle both. In the same way, we are planting roadsides and springside land with trees. In the near future, we will begin selecting these trees for production, precocity, adaptability and vigor as part of a nursery program in addition to planting an understory of bushes. In the future, we hope to replicate the best aspects of this system to help plant additional land around our home farm and eventually renovate our barn to manage the harvest of these nuts and fruits.


Blissfull Spring Farm, Andersonville TN

is a 71 acre property north of Knoxville. 

In November, 2015 Geoffrey mowed the field, took field measurements and wrote up a design, report and budget for installations already underway:


a 4-strand electric-wire fence around the flattest 1.7 acres for mixed herbs, flowers and garden with an adjacent 2.9 acre Silvo-pasture installation on sloping land.


In March 2016, we set out 1,200 trees in 12 hours: Chinese Chestnut, Hazelnut, Persimmon, Mulberry, Apple, Pear, Black Locust and Honey Locust.

check out more photos on their webpage




Interested in a design and installation on your land?  call (828) 747-7695 or email

With the help of a wheel measure, field measurements can be done quickly and accurately. This is an imporant step in determining how many trees to set out and how many posts and metal is needed to fence a paricular patch of ground. This illustration for 'Soaring Eagle Farm' corresponds to a 5 page report with 3 distinct budgets and site plans in order to get the farm started. They hope to sell herbs and flowers commercially in the short-run, while developing a productive, diverse farm & orchard in the long-run.

Ananda Viplava ~ Greene County New York

Near the northern extent of the Catskill Mountains, this 81 acre property is in the beginning stages of developing a multi-dimensional seminar center. The ultimate plan includes a 10,000 square foot building at the edge of a 6 acre field dedicated to walkable beauty and a compact, integrated farm as part of the educational scope of the project. That is where RR Farmscapes got involved. We took observations and measurements of the field and designed the gardens, orchards, farm buildings, a lake and trail including four bridges to loop the property and connect the existing West campus to an eventual East campus.


In April and May of 2016, we contracted a farmer to plow and harrow nine strips of ground for a mixed-specie orchard on wide spacing 40' (13 meter) to accomodate alley cropping between. We fenced this initial 1.2 acres with woven wire goat/sheep fence running the posts high to pull 30 weight fishing line to deter deer. Nearly 200 black locusts and siberian pea shrubs were planted along with the Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Apples, Pears, peaches, Plums, Apricots, and juneberries  

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