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Founder of Raven Ridge Farmscapes, Geoffrey has been a keen observer and student of the natural landscape his entire adult life. Before college, he worked three years as the assistant manager of a 60 acre organic peach & vegetable farm. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in forestry & agriculture in 2008 and began a small dairy and fruit farm. He is a craftsman and educator in addition to doing Agro-Forestry and Silvo-Pasture installations. 



James Geoffrey Steen
Kevin Lane

Kevin is a graduate of Warren Wilson College and operates a small dairy with his wife. He has much to teach about pasture, milk cows, making cheese and chronicling country life with his vibrant vernacular. Check out his webpage at

Daniel studied agroecology at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute and has plenty of experience  as an agroforester, community organizer and wellness educator.  He currently works with a network of progressive farms and purpose based communities in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Haiti and Southern Appalachia.  



About our work:


"Geoffrey is an impeccable and skilled worker. Our blueberries, pear and cherry trees have never looked better after the pruning. He installed two rain barrels from our gutters for the garden. It would be an under-statement to say that we were only just satisfied with the work he did"


~ Doug Spires


"The trails around the land are a great addition to the programs here. People love to walk down to the Cliff on their break and take the loop trail to the Wellness Center and back. Thanks to the Raven Ridge team"


Pamela Nemon, Facilities manager at Prama Institute & Wellness Center



      About out Classes and workshops:


"I have never learned so much about plants in one hour as I did in the Plant propagation and grafting class. Geoff talked about so many subjects with so much energy that all my questions were answered without having to ask a single one. His understanding of the subject is encyclopaedic. And I left with apple trees"


~ Charles Ashburn, hobby orchardist from Erwin, Tennessee


"Geoffrey's playful teaching style and hands-on experience made him a great addition as a trainer for our two week course. His skills as a builder, farmer and craftsman make him a great ecological designer & consultant. Geoff is a creative visionary re-designing culture by connecting people to themselves, the land and each other."


~ Cliff Davis, Spiral Ridge Permaculture


      About our design work:


" I asked for a permaculture design for our field that resembled an english garden. What i received not only went beyond my expectations, but included a report that gave detailed methods of cultivating each type of plant in the design. I only wish Raven Ridge Design was available to do the installation!" 

                 ~ We went there in 2016 and made it happen


~ Nir Kronenburg,  Ananda Viplava Retreat Center, Cairo NY

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